TN 'devil worshiper' accused of killing, dismembering woman, then eating her remains

A Tennessee man who confessed to killing a woman, cutting up her body and eating part of it has been charged with first degree murder and abuse of a corpse, authorities said in a criminal complaint.

Gregory Scott Hale is accused in the complaint of killing Lisa Marie Hyder on Friday at his home in Coffee County, Tennessee, about 70 miles southeast of Nashville.

A sheriff's deputy said in the complaint that Hale confessed to killing Hyder and then after killing her he "beheaded her and cut off her hands, placing her head and hands in a plastic bucket.

"He cut off her feet and other body parts, placing them in another bucket and buried the victim's torso in a burn pile at the residence," the complaint said. "Subject also admitted to eating part of the victim after murdering her."

No lawyer for Hale was listed on the complaint.

According to the complaint signed on Monday, authorities executed a search warrant at Hale's house on Sunday after receiving information that a murder had been committed there and found the remains believed to be of Hyder.

The complaint did not state a motive for the slaying or describe the relationship between the two.

Neighbors said Hale had described himself as a devil worshiper, and WSMV-TV reported that Hale posted a tribute to serial killer Richard Ramirez on his Facebook page.

He also asked his followers in April about becoming a cannibal, the station reported.

Hale was being held in the Coffee County Jail on $1.5 million bond.

Watch this video report posted online by WSMV-TV:

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