Anti-immigrant activist: refugee kids worse than 'anything that al Qaeda could blow up'

Appearing on Tea Party News Network broadcast earlier this month, the head of the Americans for Legal Immigration PAC asserted that undocumented immigrants are more dangerous than “anything that Al Qaeda could blow up, short of a nuclear detonation,” according to Right Wing Watch.

William Gheen, who recently urged followers to mail used underwear to undocumented immigrants, President Barack Obama, and House Speaker John Boehner, told host Larry Altman the influx on immigrants are "a type of weapon from which the American people can never recover."

Asked by Altman how many "illegal aliens" crossing the border might be "affiliated" with Al Qaeda, Gheen went off on a rant, including immigrants from China.

"Well, what the illegals that are coming — and especially the ones that are coming from China — are going to do to America are much more powerful and lasting impacts than anything that Al Qaeda could blow up, short of a nuclear detonation, " Gheen replied.

Gheen was particularly fearful that the immigrants would fill up American schools, leaving American students -- some from families that have been in the United States for 300 years --  unable to "self-actualize."

"How do you put a price tag on a family, let’s say that’s been in the United States for 300 years, and four or five different members of that family have gone off to World War II and Korea and maybe World War I to fight for the American way of life, and then finally they get to their grandson that’s alive in the year 2020 who doesn’t get to go to the college of his choice because invaders have been brought in the country and put in those seats ahead of him, " he explained. "That child’s life, that negatively impacts that child’s ability to self-actualize, to be all they can be, impacted because the future has been stolen by this usurpation, this treason, this treachery from the highest levels of our own government right here in the United States of America. "

Gheen predicted dire consequences --including gun confiscation --  for the "existing stock of Americans," if too many immigrants are allowed to enter the country,

"Once they get enough people in here to get the boat really sinking, and then they get the borders destroyed and they start taking up all the guns and we’ve got wave after wave of future illegal immigrants pouring in and pouring in and pouring in, the existing stock of Americans are going to be so politically and economically buried under this wave, and it’s a weapon from which we can never recover," he explained.

Listen to the audio below, from Right Wing Watch.