Conservative radio host Laura Ingraham has a plan to deal with undocumented immigrants that is so radical that even Fox News host Bill O'Reilly called it "draconian."

On Wednesday's edition of The O'Reilly Factor, Ingraham explained how she would reform the immigration system in the United States.

"First thing you do is starting deporting people, not by the hundreds, not by the dozens, by the thousands," she said. "And that means entire families, not just a father or a mother. But we keep families unified by deporting all people who are here illegally."

Ingraham proposed that federal, state and local law enforcement would work together to find all of the "illegal aliens."

Next, she said that the United States should block all visas to countries who would not repatriate their citizens.

"Number three, I think there has to be an end to this thing called birthright citizenship, some people call it anchor babies," she continued.

In addition to punishing companies that hire undocumented workers and building a wall along the southern border, Ingraham also proposed making it impossible for immigrants to get housing or use banks. And she would deny any government services like welfare to people who have an undocumented immigrant living in their home.

"Why are you allowed to enter into a rental agreement to live in this country?" she asked. "That should not be allowed. So, there are a lot of common-sense steps that we can take."

O'Reilly pointed out that "mass deportations" and effectively forcing all immigrants to be homeless would meant that "the Republican Party would become obsolete."

"You do that kind of a draconian action, mass deportations would be draconian," he argued. "I think that there is a better way to do it without destroying the Republican Party, which absolutely I believe would happen."

Watch the video below from Fox News' The O'Reilly Factor, broadcast July 3, 2014.