Frightened driver plows through crowd at SD Comic Con 'Zombie Walk' injuring three

Zombie Walk, a San Diego Comic Con tradition, turned deadly Saturday night as a driver, impatient with the 'undead' hordes, attempted to force his car through the throng before panicking and injuring three as he accelerated away.

The driver, whose name has not been disclosed, was later cited by police, although he may not be criminally charged, according to NBC7 San Diego.

According to police, the man and his family -- all of whom are deaf -- were trapped in their Honda Accord at an intersection as the zombie parade passed in front of their car. After waiting for several minutes, the driver attempted to inch forward into the crowd, inciting several of parade participants to allegedly surround the car and begin beating on it.

Police say the driver then became frightened and accelerated into the crowd, striking three including a 64-year-old woman who was not part of the march.

As spectators screamed, the woman tumbled to the ground breaking her arm and reportedly scraping enough skin off that the bone was exposed. According to one witness, the woman was run over by both the a front and back wheel of the car. Video of the woman tumbling can be seen below.

Authorities said the woman was taken to a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries and is  expected to recover.

Two other participants sustained minor injuries.

Spectators then chased the car down the street where the driver stopped when he located police officers.

Sean Foley, a witness to the incident, told NBC7 via email that the driver had been honking  incessantly and, when a marcher sat on the hood of the man's car, began to accelerate.

"People began shouting for him to stop so as not to run through a parade that included  children and babies in strollers at which point he floored his car through the crowd," Foley wrote in an email.

Another witness, Diana Jackson, said the driver accelerated so fast, "his tires squealed."

San Diego Zombie Walk, which passes through the popular San Diego Gaslamp District,  is an annual event held in conjunction with the San Diego Comic Con and is open to anyone who wishes to participate, not just convention attendees.


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