GOP candidate Jody Hice: Christians must 'rise up' against hypothetical atheists in Congress

A Georgia Republican candidate for Congress warned of disastrous consequences if atheists were elected as lawmakers.

Jody Hice, who has suggested that Muslims aren’t protected by the First Amendment and that Americans have a Second Amendment right to own bazookas, made the comments on atheist lawmakers during a 2003 interview with the Trinity Broadcasting Network.

“Are we going to be a nation that is led by people who acknowledge God? Who acknowledge God’s law and acknowledge the role of God’s law in our society and the founding of our country? Or are we going to be led by people who totally reject God," Hice said during the interview. “It’s a frightening thing if we don’t rise up.”

Right Wing Watch uncovered the comments during a review of past statements by Hice, a pastor and former talk radio host who won a runoff election last week in the Republican Party primary.

He will face Democrat Ken Dious in November.

Hice told TBN host Ben Kinchlow that campaign to display the Ten Commandments in government buildings did not violate the First Amendment because they predated Christianity by more than 1,000 years.

“If we are going to remove from our society God’s basic laws -- the laws from which our laws have been established and founded, our moral code has been established from – God’s law here,” Hice said. “If we remove that, then the next question is, OK, then whose law are we going to follow? Is it going to be this person over here, is it going to be that party? If we’re going to shove God’s law out of the way, then somewhere, a new set of laws will be introduced.”

There are currently no openly atheist lawmakers serving in Congress.

Watch video from the interview posted online by RWW Blog:

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