Hashtag swarm mocks Texas teen 'Jada,' who says she was drugged and raped at party

A Texas girl says she found out she had been drugged and raped at a party after finding videos and images of the attack on social media.

The 16-year-old, who told KHOU-TV she wanted to be identifed as Jada, said she drank some punch offered to her by a teenage boy hosting a gathering at his house, and she believed it was spiked.

The high school junior said she passed out and doesn’t recall what happened afterward, but other teens shared evidence of the assault and began mocking her online.

“I had no control,” said Jada. "I didn’t tell anyone to take my clothes off and do what they did to me.”

Some teens have posted images of themselves lying on the ground with their arms splayed and one leg bent awkwardly at the knee, along with the hashtag “#jadapose.”

Although the alleged attack is apparently well-known in her peer group, no arrests have been made in connection with the case, which remains under investigation by Houston police.

"There's no point in hiding,” she said. “Everybody has already seen my face and my body, but that’s not what I am and who I am.”

The girl said she's angry, and so is her mother.

“No one’s daughter deserved this,” said Jada's mother. “No human being deserved this.”

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