Houston filmmaker insists this unbelievably crazy anti-immigration video isn't a parody

Omar Afra, publisher of  Free Press Houston, recently took his camera crew to an anti-immigration rally in Houston to ask protestors what brought them out that day.

Attendees provided some extraordinary answers, ranging from President Barack Obama attempting to “kill America” to fears that Muslims will bring “jihad” over the border -- and even a claim that Obama had killed four of his former gay lovers despite being “on the side of the homosexuals.”

In an email to The Raw Story, Afra explained that the video "...is not a parody, in the sense that the answers given by people were genuine honest answers and that is what they genuinely believe. These are real answers from real people in Houston. Though we did try our best to appear to be on the conservative side as to elicit the most honest answer from the people we questioned. So again, this is not a parody and all of this was off the cuff and not staged."

Afra added: "Though it is funny."

In the video, a woman complains, "I think that our president needs to obey the laws of the lands. He needs to secure the border. He's a bully, and if we don't push back, he's not going to stop till he kills and destroys the America we love."

She then adds, "I don't want my grandchildren to grow up in Obama's America. I want Reagan's America."

An African-American man explains that the "Latinos" are "Nazis" to the African-American community.

"The immigrants is taking over, they're trying to turn us into a third-world country. And, quiet as it is kept, these Latinos is the Nazi's for the blacks. But the blacks won't talk about it," he said. "They tried to kill me in February, but I'm not a gang member."

The same man returns later in the video to explain that the president is actually for "the gays," citing Larry St. Clair, a man with a 27-year criminal record who self-published a book claiming to have had a two-day homosexual relationship with a young Obama.

"Look up Larry St. Clair, he says he's Obama's boyfriend ... on the Internet. Larry St. Clair, Obama done killed four of his boyfriends -- the momma was on TV crying."

A woman holding two small American flags says she isn't against immigration, just illegal immigration, adding that there are some threats coming across the border that are beyond illegal immigration. Asked what these threats are, she replies, "Well, they found some Muslim prayer rugs on the border, they found a couple of other books that lead me to believe those aren't little children coming over unaccompanied."

The prayer rugs she mentions are possibly in reference to a report at Breitbart.com, which identified a soccer jersey as a Muslim prayer rug.

Asked what she fears, the woman replies, "Jihad."

"I don't want jihad in my country. They need to keep that stuff in their own land."

Other protestors expressed fears over MS13 (a notorious gang that originated in Los Angeles), Hezbollah, and "more other than Mexicans coming over. They have been stopping Muslims, Islamists, radical Islamists, Chinese."

Asked, "Is it possible that there is complicity and organization between  the Muslims, the Islamics, the Chinese, and the Obama administration,"  a woman replies, "Yes."

Concerns are also expressed about a race war or a civil war, because "the culture divide is much too wide."

Watch the video below uploaded to YouTube by FP TVNEWS: