Oath Keepers hold midday rally to say Obama is too busy for Delaware photo op
Delaware Oath Keepers

A group of Oath Keepers protested the arrival Thursday morning of President Barack Obama in Delaware, where he called for long-term investment in infrastructure.

The protesters, carrying American and Gadsden “Don’t Tread On Me” flags, gathered during business hours to demonstrate their disapproval of his visit.

"I think there are more important thing (Obama) could be doing than coming to Delaware to look at a bridge,” said John Stroud, of Wilmington.

He suggested Obama should get to work solving the border crisis instead of making symbolic appearances.

"We feel he's turned his back on us veterans, so we're going to turn our backs on him as he drives by on his motorcade to show our appreciation that he does not care about us veterans," said Martin Nicholson, of Newark.

The demonstration was organized by a local group of Oath Keepers, an organization of current and former military and law enforcement personnel who vow to disobey any laws or orders they believe violates the U.S. Constitution.

"Take care of your own first,” Stroud said. “There are American that need help first.”

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