Oops! Stephen Colbert trolls Sarah Palin, bags TheSarahPalinChannel.com

Jumping on the bandwagon of those mocking failed vice-presidential candidate Sarah Palin's widely-reported new TV channel, Stephen Colbert joined the pile-on during Tuesday night's episode of The Colbert Report.

Following the expected hilarious mockery, Colbert announced that he had secured TheSarahPalinChannel.com, which is very close to Palin's url sarahpalinchannel.com. If you go to Colbert's new site, there's just a photo of Sarah with this tag line: "The only Sarah Palin Channel on the internet with a definite article in the address!"

As Crooks & Liars noted earlier, "Looks like someone forgot to secure all of the domain names that could be mistaken for their new site."

Watch video of Colbert's announcement below, courtesy of Crooks & Liars: