Scott Brown supporter calls female NH Dem leaders ‘fascist c*nts’ in racist email
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A noted supporter of former Massachusetts senator Scott Brown, currently running for the U.S. Senate GOP nomination in New Hampshire, responded to an email solicitation he received from a Democratic fundraiser, calling  the entire New Hampshire all-female leadership, including Brown's opponent,  "fascist c*nts."

What followed was worse.

According to Buzzfeed, Charles C. Benzing, who had been cited as supporter of Brown in a July 9 press release from the Brown campaign, sent the letter to the fundraiser on July 16.

Benzing was one of  one hundred people listed in the press release as 'grassroots supporters.'

In the letter, Benzing, begins by expressing his displeasure at receiving the solicitation, referring to the women as "fascist c*nts."

In a shocking display of racism and misogyny, the letter continued: "These four whores have been and will continue to be wrapped up in their fantasies of sucking n*gger/spic cock and licking n*gger/spic a**holes and not doing what is important for the country."

Benzing adds that he hopes he has offended the female fundraiser's "PC sensibilities", saying "your Fascist ideology demands it."

New Hampshire is currently represented by Senator Jeanne Shaheen, Gov. Maggie Hassan, Reps. Carol Shea-Porter and Ann McLane Kuster, all Democrats.

The other Senate seat is held by Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte.

Contacted by Buzzfeed, Bernzing admitted to writing the letter, saying, "The one about them being a bunch of fascists? Yeah, that’s me.”

Benzing was previously listed by the Brown campaign as a New Hampsherite backing Brown's campaign, described by his opponent as carpetbagging.

Brown’s campaign manager Colin Reed issued statement disavowing Benzing, stating, “This is deeply offensive language. We completely disassociate ourselves from this individual.”

The release of the letter cannot be good news for Brown’s campaign, which already faces an uphill battle. The presumptive GOP nominee trails the female incumbent in all of the polls. In the 2012 election, President Barack Obama won the women’s vote by a substantial 20 percent margin.'

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