A “sovereign citizen” with a decades-long criminal record was convicted Thursday in connection with a Philadelphia home invasion robbery.

Kevin Green, who clashed with his court-appointed attorney and repeatedly interrupted court proceedings with objections based on Moorish Science Temple and other anti-government political theories, reported The Philadelphia Inquirer.

"I object to you being my attorney and I object to these proceedings,” Green said when asked if he wished to testify. “I do not consent to them."

Jurors found the 57-year-old Green guilty in the Aug. 10 home invasion robbery of a couple, along with an exotic dancer, 26-year-old Charda Gilyard, who was also charged.

According to testimony, Green and Gilyard went to the couple’s home posing as prospective tenants and forced their way inside.

Investigators said Green terrorized the woman and her 12-year-old autistic son before fleeing with $7,713 in cash.

Neighbors spotted Green running down the street with a blocked of wrapped cash under his arm and Gilyard sprinting awkwardly in stiletto heels, authorities said.

Police arrested the pair a short time later.

Green, who was first arrested as an adult in 1975 and became involved by the late 1980s in a notorious drug gang, had been on parole for 10 months at the time of his arrest.

He avoided a life sentence for murder in the 1989 shooting of computer software expert Donald Branch, who Green’s associates mistook for another man, at Tobin’s Inn.

Green was sentenced to seven to 15 years for murder in that case.

Gliyard pleaded guilty earlier this week in the home invasion, and she and Green will be sentenced in September.

[Image: Man in handcuffs via Shutterstock]