'True Blood' plan to troll Republicans succeeds beautifully as Sarah Palin takes the bait

Although not mentioned by name on a recent episode of HBO's True Blood, which featured two lead characters attending a GOP fundraiser for Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, media personality Sarah Palin inserted herself into the discussion by criticizing the show for being part of the "real war on women."

In the episode, characters Eric Northman and Pam De Beaufort dress up to attend the  Cruz fundraiser in Dallas at the George W. Bush Library.  Admiring herself in the mirror, Pam remarks, “Oh my God. I’m a Republic*nt!”

In an interview with her sometimes home, Breitbart.com, Palin took exception to the episode after being told about it.

Palin pointed out that she had once been offered a cameo appearance on the popular HBO vampire series but declined, assuming that they were inviting her on to insult her with a 'gotcha' moment.

"The brilliant minds of 'True Blood' were brazen enough to ask me to do a cameo on their show, apparently so they could insult a conservative woman in person instead of just all conservative women in general," Palin told Breitbart News. "Their offer wasn’t presented in any negative way, perhaps to benefit from a surprise factor after the guest appearance. I turned them down anyway."

Palin went on to sarcastically tell the producers of the show, "nice try," and offer to pit her 'Mama Grizzly" persona against the fictional vampires of the TV show.

"To producers who throw these deceitfully 'flattering' bones that sound fun on the surface, is it really any wonder I don't accept your offers to participate in your shows?" she said. "Nice try HBO. I’d put any mama grizzly in America against a vampire any day; for only one of them actually exists. The left wants to talk about a 'war on women'? Keep engaging in your misogynist attacks on women you disagree with and we’ll see who wins your self-inflicted war in the court of decent public opinion."

Senator Ted Cruz recently addressed the episode, writing on his Facebook page, "“Of all the places I never thought to be mentioned, HBO’s True Blood vampire show would have to be near the top of the list. Sunday night, they aired a misogynist and profanity-ridden episode where Texas Republicans are murdered attending a ‘Ted Cruz fundraiser.’”