6.0 magnitude earthquake hits San Francisco Bay area
Cracked Asphalt After Earthquake ( Shutterstock)

An earthquake of 6.0 magnitude, the largest in the region for 25 years, shook the San Francisco Bay Area early on Sunday, waking residents and causing some power outages but no major damage, according to initial reports.

The U.S. Geological Survey said the epicenter of the quake was eight km (five miles) northwest of the town of American Canyon, on the northern edge of the Bay.

A safety dispatcher for several neighboring cities in the area, including American Canyon and the wine-growing center of Napa, said there were some reports of people losing power.

Police dispatchers in nearby San Francisco and Oakland said there were no reports of reports of major damage. Several people on Twitter also noted the quake but did not report damage.

Reuters reporters in Oakland felt the quake as a long, low swell that shook gently for several seconds.

The quake was the largest to hit the Bay area since the Loma Prieto quake in 1989.

(Reporting by Andrew Roche, Dan Levine and Peter Henderson; Editing by Frances Kerry)

["Cracked Asphalt After Earthquake" on Shutterstock]