CA couple sentenced to prison for neglecting children while they played World of Warcraft

A California couple have been sentenced to prison after authorities found two girls in their care malnourished and living in filth while the couple spent their days playing the online computer game, World of Warcraft.

Lester Louis Huffmire and his wife Petra Huffmire, both 41, pleaded guilty in Anaheim to two felony counts of child abuse, two misdemeanor counts of false imprisonment, one misdemeanor count of contributing to delinquency of a minor. Lester Huffmire was sentenced to five years in prison, with his wife receiving three years and four months in state prison.

According to investigators the Huffmires were living in an "unsanitary" mobile home with the victims, identified as 10-year-old Jane Doe #1 and 5-year-old Jane Doe.

Authorities stated that inside of the mobile home was uninhabitable with "kitchen appliances covered in mold and cobwebs, stacks of trash, debris, mold, and feces throughout the home, a pile of used condoms under a stuffed teddy bear, and inoperable toilets."

The two victims were described as malnourished, with dirt encrusted feet, matted hair, and  teeth damaged beyond repair.

Investigators were responding from a call from a neighbor who expressed concern about the girls.

According to authorities, both Huffmires were unemployed, played World of Warcraft all day, and did not let the children out of the house even to attend school.

[Image via Juan Pablo Olmo on FLICKR, Creative Commons licensed]