Ex-GOP candidate for CA gov. wounds neighbor in shooting spree, ‘I’m done with everything’

A California man who recently sought the Republican nomination for governor was arrested on Friday on charges of attempted murder after he shot a neighbor in the stomach in a property dispute.

Tye " Glenn" Champ, 48, was taken into custody by Tulare County Sheriff’s deputies twelve hours after pulling a gun and shooting the father of a boy whose all-terrain vehicle Champ had disabled by slashing the tires, according to the Fresno Bee.

Champ gained a measure of notoriety in March when he ran for Governor despite being a registered sex offender and having served time in prison for a previous manslaughter conviction.

At the time, Champ had asserted that he had changed after finding religion following an arrest after picking up an under-aged prostitute, saying, "I found the Lord when I got arrested for picking up the prostitutes. I was like most people, ignorant in the darkness, in the very dark. I had no peace, had no love, had no joy. And now I do. Praise God for that…. I’ve grown considerably since I met Christ.”

According to Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims, Champ's latest brush with the law came after he clashed with his neighbor's son.

"Champ was angry at the 13-year-old and slashed the tires on the ATV that the child was riding," Mims said. "The parents came to the scene and confronted Champ and that's when the father was shot, then other witnesses -- including the victim and the 13-year-old -- ran away as more shots were being fired at them from Champ."

Witness Richard Norman said he heard Champ exclaim, " 'I'm (expletive) done with everything; I'm done with all the (expletive),' and ended up pulling out a gun and shooting John in the stomach."

According to Norman, Champ then began shooting indiscriminately as neighbors took cover. One bullet found a horse in a paddock, killing it.

Authorities say Champ then took off, only to be arrested  twelve hours later by Tulare County Sheriff's deputies at a traffic stop Friday morning.

Champ, who came in fifth in the gubernatorial primary in June with over 76,000 votes,  is currently being held in  Fresno County Jail on suspicion of attempted murder, willful cruelty to a child, willful cruelty to an animal, and felon in possession of a gun.

His bail was set at $500,000.

Watch the video below from KFSN- Fresno: