Conservative activist Larry Klayman claimed President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder were waging a “race war” against white people by commenting on the police shooting of an unarmed black teenager.

“What makes my blood boil is that our so-called president and his attorney general jump to judgment, on a consistent and regular basis, against ‘whitey’ and in favor of their black brothers,” Klayman wrote Saturday at World Net Daily.

“A president and his attorney general were elected and appointed and confirmed to represent all of the American people, not just their people,” he added.

Klayman said the Affordable Care Act and other Obama economic policies were designed to favor blacks over whites – “to in effect have whitey pay reparations to blacks for the insidious years of racial discrimination.”

“Obama’s intention is to melt down the gold in America and redistribute it to his people,” he wrote.

Klayman also claimed that Obama had ignored racially motivated crimes by black people against whites, as well as anti-Semitism and anti-Christian violence abroad.

“It is an undisputed fact that hate crimes against Jews far exceed those against blacks,” Klayman claimed. “But Obama couldn’t care less, particularly since his Muslim roots and sympathies skew his objectivity and interest in doing anything for either Jews or Christians. This also explains why Obama has not spoken out about the persecution of Christians in the Muslim world with any force. He is a Muslim through and through in the mold of his Chicago friend Rev. Louis Farrakhan, the leader of the Nation of Islam.”

Klayman, who has questioned Obama’s birth certificate and organized rallies intended to drive him from office, complained that the president’s critics risked being “branded racists” and physically attacked by “black vigilantes.”

“At this rate, it is remarkable that Obama has not renamed the White House ‘the Black House,’” Klayman said.

Lest the reader make any assumptions about his views on race, Klayman insisted he was not prejudiced and praised “our black brothers” who have fought alongside whites and others “in the name of freedom.”

“I am not a racist and neither is the majority of Americans,” he wrote. “But Obama’s actions are creating a huge unjustified backlash against blacks in general; this is tragic and regrettable.”

“The nation owes nothing to the likes of Obama and Holder, who are low-class, racist hacks who should be removed from office and banished to hell by whatever legal means are appropriate,” he added.