Fox host asks whether female pilot bombing ISIS means we have 'boobs on the ground'
Fox News host Eric Bolling on 'The Five' on March 23, 2014.

On Wednesday, two of the male co-hosts of Fox News' The Five "ruined" their female counterpart's appreciation of one of the pilots who participated in Monday's bombing of ISIS forces in Syria.

"ISIS, you've been bombed by a woman," Kimberly Guilfoyle said. "The first female pilot, piloting for the [United Arab Emirates], there she was leading the strikes, dropping the bombs on ISIS Monday night."

"Major Mariam Al Mansouri is who did this. I wish it was an American pilot," she continued, "I'll take a woman doing this any day. I hope that hurt extra bad for [ISIS] because in some Arab countries, women can't even drive."

"The problem is after she bombed it," Greg Gutfeld quipped, "she couldn't park it. I salute her!"

"How would you salute her, Greg?" Andrea Tantaros asked

"Would that be considered 'boobs on the ground'?" Eric Bolling interjected.

"Did you just say what I thought you said?" asked Bob Beckel.

Meanwhile, a forlorn Guilfoyle held her head in her hand and asked, "Why did you ruin my thing?"

Video the entire exchange via Talking Points Memo below.

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