Piers Morgan calls Russell Brand a 'bogus revolutionary' for mocking Donald Trump
Talk show host Piers Morgan after his appearance on Extra with Mario Lopez at The Grove on May 31, 2011 Los Angeles, CA. (RoidRanger / Shutterstock.com)

It hasn’t taken Piers Morgan long to get stuck in to a good Twitter spat after joining his new employer, Mail Online. In one of his first comment pieces for the site, he got stuck in to Russell Brand, calling him a “bogus revolutionary” but admitting he was “thoroughly enjoying” his online row with mogul Donald Trump. The feud had begun when Brand called Trump “a bit daft” in a radio interview, adding: “It’s not like he’s a person who’s a super guy or anything. He’s just good at Hungry Hippos, and we live in Hungry Hippo land.” Trump hit back on Twitter:

It didn’t take long for Brand to retaliate:

He also attacked Trump’s business dealings, citing an article from The Atlantic:

Trump then upped the ante with an Instagram video aimed at Brand’s ex, Katy Perry, asking if she was drunk when she married the star:

All this was music to the ears of Morgan, who wrote: “I like Brand personally and enjoy his splendidly linguistic comedic romps on the airwaves as much as anyone. For someone with little formal education, he’s incredibly bright and funny. But this whole ‘revolution’ he’s trying to wage is a load of old sanctimonious hog-wash.”

He added he would rather be stuck on a desert island with Trump than Brand, saying: “Yet they are more similar than either would care to admit: two rich, successful, teetotal white men with healthy egos and a penchant for beautiful women, appearing on television, writing best-selling books and saying controversial things. The difference is that whereas Trump is supremely comfortable in his own skin, fame and wealth, Brand wants us to believe he’s now trapped in the vice-like grip of a tormented celebrity-loathing freedom fighter ... Like most great revolutionaries, he’s quite happy wallowing in his own hypocrisy.”

Trump retweeted Morgan’s article and hit out again at Brand:

With three Twitter heavyweights now in the ring, Monkey can’t wait to see where this spat will go next.

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