Stewart asks Ex-CIA chief Panetta why Congress is avoiding vote on ISIS: ‘They're not babies’
'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart (right) interviews ex-CIA Director Leon Panetta on Oct. 8, 2014.

When former CIA Director Leon Panetta tried to tell Daily Show host Jon Stewart that Congress should vote on authorizing the U.S. to fully commit to a war against the Islamic State terrorist group, Stewart was briefly baffled.

"What was that name again?" Stewart asked sarcastically.

"Those guys up on the Hill that can't decide what to do," Panetta replied.

Stewart then repeated his frustration over legislators deciding to spend October focusing on their own re-elections instead of debating the issue on the floor.

"How in God's name can that be okay?" he asked, in a more serious tone.

"I think, frankly, the president should say to the Congress, 'Come back, let's make a decision here with regards to the authorization to take this on,'" Panetta replied.

"But War Powers is Congress' act," Stewart pointed out. "They're not babies. They can call themselves back. They don't have to be invited to the Capitol building to do this."

"Unfortunately, this Congress has a hard time trying to find the bathrooms in the Capitol," Panetta answered.

Watch the discussion, as posted online on Wednesday, below.