WATCH: Gov. Rick Scott rambles incoherently when asked about debate delay
Florida Gov. Rick Scott (R) during Oct. 15, 2014 debate. [YouTube]

On Wednesday night in Florida, former Gov. Charlie Crist and current Gov. Rick Scott squared off in their first televised debate in the state's 2014 gubernatorial race.

Scott, it has been widely reported, had something of a meltdown before the debate began because Crist had been provided with a small, electric fan at his podium.

So, as Crist stood at the podium, undoubtedly enjoying the light breeze, Scott sulked backstage and refused to come out, arguing that the rules of the debate specified that there would be no electronic devices allowed on stage.

Finally, the governor relented and the debate commenced.

Moderator Elliott Rodriguez asked Scott, "And Governor Scott, why the delay in coming out over a fan?"

Scott's response was a garbled little word side-salad that we shall endeavor to transcribe as, "I waited to be --'til he -- we figured out if he was gonna show up. He said he wasn't going to come to the uh...uh...he was -- he said he wasn't gonna come to the debate."

If any of you can translate that from the original Palinese or explain how Crist's standing at his podium in front of the cameras and waiting around for Gov. Scott to come out signals his unwillingness to come to the debate, please let us know in the comments.

Watch the video, embedded below via YouTube: