Chuck Norris: Obama allows public 'indoctrination camps' in schools without Christian holidays
Chuck Norris rides a reindeer in an ad for WBK bank (YouTube)

Conservative actor Chuck Norris lashed out at President Barack Obama this week for failing to act after a Maryland school district stopped naming religious holidays on its calendar.

Muslim parents asked the Montgomery County School District to cancel classes on the holiday of Eid ul Fitr, but officials instead elected to remove the names of all Christian and Jewish holidays from its calendar. The district said that it would continue to take those days off.

In a column for Town Hall on Tuesday, Norris warned that failing to observe Christian holidays was a "slippery slope" in public schools, and "we have to stop it before it is too late."

"We haven't even hit Thanksgiving, and already the war on Christmas is underway," he wrote. "[D]oes religious neutering accommodate diversity or merely endorse secular progressivism and political correctness as America's new religion? Choices are the very actions our Bill of Rights was created to protect. In the end, however, rather than affirm Americans' freedom of religion, society has spawned their freedom from religion."

Norris argued that a country where schools did not observe Christian holidays was "not the America our Founding Fathers created for us."

"That's not education but pipeline progressivism pumping out another indoctrination camp," he insisted.

Pointing to President Ronald Reagan's 1981 Christmas address, Norris concluded by suggesting that President Barack Obama should be doing more to encourage school systems to observe religion.

On Wednesday, Fox & Friends host Elizabeth Hasselbeck said that she got goose bumps after her network played a portion of Reagan's speech.

"Chuck Norris' point was, remember the time when American presidents weren't afraid to talk about traditional values as Ronald Reagan did back in 1981," co-host Steve Doocy opined.

"In such an honorable way," Hasselbeck added. "Treasure to even listen to that."

"Makes you warm," Doocy agreed.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Nov. 19, 2014.