Disrupter of Muslim prayer at National Cathedral: God and Drudge sent me
Christine Weick (WND)

The woman who disrupted the first ever Muslim prayer service conducted at the National Cathedral claims she was sent to protest the ceremony by God after reading about it on the Drudge Report.

In an interview with World Net Daily, Christine Weick, 50, said she read about the event on Drudge and became enraged, saying, “My blood began to boil as I read the comments of how this is to be such a wonderful event and how religious tolerance can, for the first time, be shown in our nation’s capital.”

Friday's prayer service was just beginning when Weick stood up and began walking towards the front of the cathedral shouting.

“Jesus Christ died on that cross. He is the reason we are to worship only Him. Jesus Christ is our Lord and Savior,” she said. “We have built …allowed you your mosques in this country. Why don’t you worship in your mosques and leave our churches alone? We are a country founded on Christian principles.”

According to Weick, she expected to get arrested but was instead politely escorted from the cathedral and handed from police officer to police officer before being conducted to the street.

“They never said a word to me. Two guys came up and got me. I remember one large man in a suit taking me by the arm, very strongly but he did not hurt me,” she said.

After being ejected, Weick said she got into her SUV and began the 400-mile trip back to Tennessee where she  says she lives in her car after being disowned by her family  because she took a stand against same-sex marriage and other “moral issues.” According to Weick,  her husband divorced her last year “over a spiritual conflict.”

Speaking of the prayer service, Weick said she knew in advance that the event was for “invited guests only."

“That’s when I knew I had to be creative, and so did God,” Weick explained. “I was driving there on my way from Tennessee, and I’ve got a lot of doubts in my mind: Am I going to make a fool of myself? Am I going to be in jail for the weekend?”

During her long drive to the nation's capital she saw what she believed was a sign from God.

“There’s this woman stepping out of her vehicle on the side of the road, clapping and giving me two thumbs up, and I’m like, ‘That was the strangest thing,’ ” she said. “The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘That’s my confirmation right there.’ That’s all I needed, and from that point on I knew this was something I’m going to do; and that was the catapult that moved me to keep going towards Washington.”

Weick also credited God with getting her past security.

“It was a God thing how I got past all that security in the beginning. They never ID’d me, and I had brought my ID with me just in case, and I thought that would be my downfall, being from Michigan, that they would say, ‘What is she doing here?” Weick explained. “According to reports, this was a heavy security event. They checked every bag and every person that walked in there. I bet some security people are in big trouble today.”

After slipping into the cathedral, saying she felt like God had made her invisible, Weick said she was appalled by what she saw.

"Then it hit me… I had such an angst come over me. Seeing these Muslims sitting on their rugs ready to bow to a god, causing such an abomination in the house of the Lord,” she said. That was when Weick spoke up and was subsequently ejected

“I took a very strong stand on something last year. My husband divorced me over it. It broke my heart. I have a lot of heartache back home, a lot of hurt,” she said. “And I felt the Lord telling me, ‘You are going to go from place to place for me.’”

As for her future plans, Weick said she doesn't want people to feel sorry for her situation.

“Don’t be sorry for me. I have a very nice SUV. I go out to eat, I have a bank account,” she told WND. “I am just too Dutch to pay 60 or 70 bucks for a hotel every night when I can spend my nights in my car. And I travel every night from place to place, and that is what I was doing when I saw the story in the Drudge Report.”

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