Kirk Cameron: Schools should celebrate Christmas because 'education is inherently religious'
Kirk Cameron speaks to Fox News (screen grab)

Actor and evangelist Kirk Cameron argued this week that a Maryland school board was wrong to remove Christian holidays from the vacation calendar because "education is inherently religious."

Late last week, the conservative Education Action Group blamed Muslim parents for the board's decision to remove all religious holidays rather than including one day from Ramadan on its schedule.

"Look, it's Washington, D.C.," Cameron told the hosts of Fox & Friends on Thursday. "I mean, we already know that this city had a reputation of being godless. And so, I think it makes sense to most Americans that if they're going to take Christmas off the calendar, well, if the Grinch showed up actually in a city, it would probably be that city."

The Christian actor insisted that Americans in the "heartland" still celebrated Christmas: "We give [our kids] presents and we say, 'Merry Christmas.'"

"What do you think about the minority affecting the majority?" Fox News host Ainsley Earhardt wondered.

"Well, we're talking about education, and I think problem is that education is inherently religious," Cameron explained. "What is an education that doesn't address ultimate questions like, who are we? Why are we here? What's the meaning of life?"

"And so, if you try to pull religion or faith out of schools, you're stuck between a rock and a hard place."

In the end, Cameron said that he believed that "private education" was the only solution for America's children.

Watch the video below from Fox News' Fox & Friends, broadcast Nov. 13, 2014.