‘American Freedom’ protesters call for Obama’s lynching: 'Hang the Kenyan traitor'
'Operation American Freedom' demonstrator calls for President Barack Obama to be lynched (YouTube)

A planned “massive gathering” to oppose executive action on immigration reform drew just a few dozen flag-waving activists – including a handful who repeatedly called for the lynching of President Barack Obama.

Operation American Freedom was planned to coincide Wednesday with a rally by sheriffs from around the country to protest the president’s executive action on immigration.

The anti-immigration protesters, some dressed in powdered wigs and Colonial-era garb, gathered in front of the White House to call for the president’s impeachment or hanging as a traitor, reported Right Wing Watch.

“Hang the Kenyan traitor,” yelled a bearded protester holding a sign that read “Obama Holder 4 Prison.”

A second man says they’ve “got rope” to lynch the president, as a bystander cackles.

“Plenty of trees in the front yard, wouldn’t be the first one hung from one of them trees,” a man says.

“We got a ton of trees,” says another man. “I see a fine one right over there. Remember when we used to run them out on a rail or tar and feather the bad ones? Whatever happened to those good ol’ days?”

The men say the Founding Fathers called for death by hanging upon apprehension as a punishment for treason, which they believe Obama if guilty of committing.

“You don’t snap his neck, you hold him up and watch him choke to death,” a man says. “Slowly lower him down to where his feet are almost touching the ground.”

Another group of demonstrators set upon a bearded Muslim counter-protester, calling the Prophet Mohamed a “child-raping piece of sh*t.”

The man covers his face from the camera and then turns his back to the swearing man as he’s surrounded by anti-immigration protesters.

“You know what I say? F*ck all of them, right in his tiny little butt place,” the man says.

Another protester walks up and reminds the demonstrators that the Muslim man has every right to be there, adding that “he ain’t chopping nobody’s head off.”

Watch video from the event posted online by RWW Blog: