Dog shoots Wyoming man, who could lose his arm after freak accident
Dog (Shutterstock)

A Wyoming man could lose his arm after he was shot by his dog.

Authorities said 46-year-old Richard Fipps and two of his employees were trying to move a vehicle that had become stuck in Johnson County.

Fipps was standing beside his truck as chains were being removed. He told his dog to move from the front seat to the back seat, where a .300 Winchester Magnum rifle was lying, apparently with the safety turned off, Sheriff Steve Koziseek told The Sheridan Press.

The dog somehow caused the rifle to fire through the cab of the pickup, the sheriff said.

A bullet struck Fipps in his left arm and clipped the sleeve of his right arm, authorities said.

Fipps was hospitalized with non-life-threatening injuries, but the sheriff said the man could lose his arm.