CNN's Ashleigh Banfield picks Twitter fight with the wrong Joe Walsh
CNN's Ashleigh Banfield

CNN anchor Ashleigh Banfield fired back at former Rep. Joe Walsh, who suggested that Islamic extremists should behead the “cowards” at CNN and MSNBC because they did not air images of Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Banfield responded angrily to the former Republican lawmaker’s tweet with one of her own, saying “there’s a reason you’re an EX congressman. How dare you call for beheadings of fellow Americans. Despicable.”

However, she addressed her tweet to the wrong Joe Walsh.

“What did the Eagles’ guitarist ever do to you,” said one Twitter user.

“Take it easy,” said another, quoting the Eagles song.

The ex-lawmaker joined in, as well, claiming his original tweet was intended as satire.

“Get real,” Walsh tweeted. “I don’t hope for another act of terror but I know it will happen. And the appeasing cowards at CNN etal only endanger all of us.”

He also took a shot at Banfield, who he became upset at during a contentious 2012 appearance on CNN.

“Wrong joe, but facts are hard,” Walsh tweeted. “I thought you of all people at CNN would have the guts to show the cartoon, but no.”

The musician named Joe Walsh, who is an infrequent Twitter user, did not post a reply about the mix-up.