Georgia Republican laughs over woman's idea for border bombs: 'Blow 'em up'
Rep. Barry Loudermilk (R-GA) [Right Wing Watch]

Freshman Georgia GOP Rep. Barry Loudermilk got a laugh out of an unidentified constituent's apparent idea to target immigrants with bombs during a recent town hall meeting, Right Wing Watch reported.

"Why don't we learn something from Afghanistan and put IUDs in the ground?" the woman asked, drawing laughter from audience members, as well. "Blow 'em up. Quit being so nice."

The woman likely meant improvised explosive devices, commonly known as IEDs. Loudermilk did not mention that such devices could kill immigrants in his response.

"There's a lot of Americans that work, and kids around the border, as well," he said. The woman responded, "Don't go near there."

The exchange came after Loudermilk described his experience visiting border cities in Arizona, California, and Texas, during which he accused President Barack Obama's administration of withholding information on immigration statistics.

"You can watch the fence go up a mountain, and the fence ends up on this mountain," he said of one area of the border. "I asked a Border Patrol agent, 'Why does the fence end there?' He said, 'Because that's the easiest place to catch them. Because it's all desert up there. When they come across that it takes them a full day just to cross that desert. That's the easiest place to catch them."

Watch footage of the encounter, as posted by Right Wing Watch on Wednesday, below.

The town hall can be seen in its entirety here.