New York goes a record 11 days without a murder
New York Central Park autumn (Shutterstock)

New York had gone a record-settling 11 straight days without a murder as of midnight, police said Friday.

The mid-winter lull broke a record set last year when the city went 10 days from February 13 to 22 without a homicide.

"No murder yesterday. That means eleven consecutive days," a police spokesman told AFP.

He said no murders have been reported in the city since February 2.

In 2014, the city had the lowest number of murders -- 328, five fewer than in 2013 -- since it began keeping comprehensive crime records in 1963.

The number of homicides peaked in 1990 at 2,248 -- six a day on average -- and then began a sharp decline in 1994 with the advent of then mayor Rudy Giuliani's policy of "zero tolerance" policing.