The owners of a Texas piñata shop watched their business essentially turned into piñata as crews demolished the building and handed out their merchandise.

Sergio Lejarazu arrived Tuesday morning at the East Austin shop he’s operated for eight years and found a demolition crew tearing down the building he rented, reported KXAN-TV.

Lejarazu and his wife, Monica, said they received no notification about the demolition from the property owner, and they hadn’t removed anything from inside before crews started their work.

“We are people with no importance for them,” said Sergio Lejarazu. “They don’t think we have rights at all.”

City officials said the property owner had the proper permits for demolition, so the couple’s property losses would be a civil issue.

The couple said workers handed out piñatas and other items to passersby as they tore down the building.

Alyssa Marvins said she received three piñatas after talking to the demolition crew, but she attempted to come back and pay after seeing others loading their cars with merchandise.

“My son’s birthday is next week, and I said, ‘Well, can I take some?’” she said. “The gentleman says, ‘Sure, go ahead.’”

The couple said they have contacted an attorney, and they intend to reopen elsewhere.

The property owner and demolition company did not respond to requests for comment.