This preacher's twisted anti-gay rant to an Alabama city council is both vile and absurd
Street evangelist Cedric Hatcher complains about legalization of same-sex marriages [YouTube]

At least one Birmingham City Council official can be heard laughing off-camera in footage of a street preacher's complaint that legalizing marriage equality infringes upon his rights. posted footage online of Cedric Hatcher's remarks to the council during its Monday meeting.

"In two more years -- in 2016, February the 9th -- you won't be able to marry your partner that you played football with no more," Hatcher claimed. "You're gonna be able to marry your dog, you're gonna be able to marry your cat, you're gonna be able to marry your snake, you're gonna be able to marry your rat, the roaches. Some of you been with the roaches so long you might as well gonna marry the roach, he been around the house so long. You're gonna be able to marry your broom, your mop. Ain't we going crazy in this world, ya'll?"

Hatcher's remarks came after same-sex couples in Jefferson County began getting married in the city, in response to U.S. District Judge Callie Granade's ruling striking down the state ban against such marriages.

"It was one of the most comedic scenes I've ever seen in public, when I witnessed men with size 13 and 14 shoes out there kissing each other in the mouth in front of little kids," Hatcher said. "It was like a freak scene going on, that's what I call it."

Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore has ordered local probate judges not to grant marriage licenses to same-sex couples. But on Thursday, Granade ordered a judge in Mobile County to ignore Moore's directive and follow her ruling.

Like other conservatives, Wallace argued before the council that the expansion of marriage rights represented the erosion of his own rights as a Christian.

"I can barely say 'Praise the Lord' in public now," he said. "I might go to jail, I might threaten a lawsuit on the job. You can't tell a person to have a blessed day. Ain't it sad?"

Watch Hatcher's remarks, as posted online, below.