Tucker Carlson is pretty blasé about his employees wanting to kill Jews, so it's cool
Fox News host Tucker Carlson (screen grab)

Over at Tucker Carlson's bro-blog known as the Daily Caller, things are cool, things are chill; just some dudes sittin' around writin' and publishin' stuff without interference from The Man. It's all good.

During the Daily Caller's run, Tucker has been a hands-off kind of boss -- the cool boss -- providing a kegerator so his bro's can get their buzz on while making up stuff like stories about Dominican hookers banging U.S Senators or like that time when Matt Boyle reported the EPA was going to hire "230,000 new bureaucrats," except... not.

Or there was that time when one of the DC's editors was caught sending 'dick pic' emails to a woman -- it was a picture Dick Cheney, hahahaha -- and when the woman complained, the editor's response was  "Well, why did you open it? Perv."

Fun stuff like that.

Oooo. How about that time a Daily Caller writer wrote about how he liked to masturbate to Ellen Page pictures until he found out she was a lesbian?  That was some news you can use.

He later when on to explain that gays aren't fun anymore, probably because the Page incident harshed his hobby.

With this kind of non-existent editorial oversight, it's wasn't entirely surprising yesterday to see headline in the DC's "Guns and Gear" section (pyew! pyew! buddabuddabuddabudda p-chang!) reading: "Kill All The Jews And When That Is Done Kill Those That Refused To Defend Them."

Oh yeah, someone thought that was a good headline on an article that was about defending Israel.

Here you go:

[caption id="attachment_694087" align="aligncenter" width="500"]Daily Caller screenshot Daily Caller screenshot[/caption]

The interesting thing is that the headline, as seen above, managed to attract no attention or seem out of the ordinary for about twenty-four hours until someone contacted a DC editor and was all, "WTF?"

Speaking with TPM, Tucker Carlson was fairly blasé with the whole deal, saying an editor was probably "hungover."

"The headline didn't match the story. It was obviously nothing more than a garbled attempt," he told TPM by phone. "It was inarticulate, it was idiotic."

When asked how the original headline ended up on the site, Carlson said one of the site's editors, whom he declined to name, was likely "hungover."

"I don't know. We've got over 50 people here. He was hungover or something," Carlson said.

Or, as the kids say: YOLO.

What is even more intriguing is that, according to Tucker, "The Daily Caller got no complaints about the headline, and that it was removed because it was inarticulate."

This leads me to believe that A) No one reads the Daily Caller and B) Those who do are wistful for a New Final Solution and probably  found the article super disappointing.

Or maybe the Caller is just read by grammar Nazis who are also... Nazis.

As for the lack of adult supervision at the DC, it also makes me wonder about that time a "hacker" supposedly replaced their display advertising with pornography ads.

Was it a "hacker"  or a couple of drunk writers giggling and going, "Watch this, dude!"

High-five. So awesome....