Gun lobbyist Larry Pratt fears flood of lazy, defenseless 'illegals' will come take his guns
Gun Owners of America executive director Larry Pratt (Screenshot)

Pro-gun lobbyist Larry Pratt warned that lazy, defenseless illegal immigrants would somehow destroy the Second Amendment.

He told Mark Walters, host of Armed America Radio, that President Barack Obama’s executive actions on immigration would flood the U.S. with a “dependent class” of Democratic voters who were hostile to gun rights, reported Right Wing Watch.

“We’ve seen that survey data indicates that some 85 percent of the illegals, were they to vote, would vote Democrat,” Pratt said. “And on the national level, really without exception anymore, that means anti-Second Amendment.”

He agreed with Walters, who said illegal immigrants represented a “gimme, gimme, gimme” demographic dependent on government assistance.

“You actually kind of sketched the larger picture (of) a dependent class that depends on the government for their income, for all kinds of financial and other assistance, is not generally of a mind to be able to protect itself -- which is, after all, the most important part about living, is staying alive from one moment to the next in case some dirtbag wants to try to terminate you,” Pratt said.

“If you don’t think enough of your own freedom to take charge of that aspect of your existence, then of course you’re likely to expect handouts and ‘more, more, more’ because you have a dependent mentality,” he added.

Pratt warned that Obama – freed from the constraints of re-election -- would turn the U.S. into a communist nation in his last two years in office.

“We’re going to see, I think, just an unimaginable assault on all kinds of liberties of Americans -- be it the mining of coal, the manufacture of ammunition, financing of the firearms industry and their need for loans or whatever,” Pratt said. “This guy is now going to be in a serious assault mode against so many freedoms that we thought were kind of established here in the United States. Now we’re going to see that no, not according to our Dear Leader, our Dear Leader thinks this has been injurious to the world.”

He said that Obama thinks – “just the way every communist thinks” – that the U.S. accumulated its wealth through theft, and he would aim to reverse that.

“He doesn’t have the first notion of how the free market works, how it encourages people to produce, how it has actually created wealth,” Pratt said. “Freedom means prosperity. Socialism has always meant drudgery.”