Tennessee churches pray to Jesus for city to pass ban on 'swingers club' and 'sinful' acts
Man praying holding the Bible [Shutterstock]

Members of nearly a dozen Tennessee churches gathered over the weekend to protest a so-called "swingers club" which plans to open near a Christian school.

Earlier this year, the Social Club announced that it planned to relocated in a building adjacent to the Goodpasture Christian School in Madison.

At a meeting in the school's Fine Arts Center auditorium on Sunday, local church leaders prayed that the city would pass an ordinance on Tuesday which would ban social clubs from operating in areas zones for office space, The Tennessean reported.

"We have come together, all denominations, all races, for one cause — that Madison is a great community, and that we can keep it that way," Mt. Calvary Baptist Church Sandy McClain told the crowd.

"Madison is a great area, but I believe Madison is the tip of the iceberg," McClain said. "If this element can come into our community, it can come into other communities. What is to stop if from next coming into Bellevue or Belle Meade?"

Madison Church of Christ elder Buck Dozier worried that local children would get a "sex education" from the club instead of from parents or teachers.

"Every child needs a sex education," he explained. "It's not a matter of if they are going to get one. It's about who's going to give it to them. We are asking these consenting adults to take this club away themselves."

And Madison Christian Church Pastor Tim Baines reportedly said that Christians had a duty to oppose businesses like the swinger club and their "sinful" acts.

The Madison City Council was scheduled to vote on the ordinance of Tuesday. Church leaders vowed to send "bus loads" of members to Tuesday's meeting.

State Rep. Bill Beck (D) of Nashville has also proposed legislation that would prevent private clubs from operating within 1,000 feet of schools, churches, parks and residences.

Watch the video below from Nashville's News Channel 5.