Texas fraternity under fire for racist party allegedly forbids interracial dating, Mexicans, and 'fagetry'
Interracial couple arguing in coffee shop (Shutterstock)

A University of Texas fraternity outlined rules – including racist and homophobic prohibitions -- for its members in a poorly spelled letter.

The “confidential” letter was posted inside the Austin chapter of the Phi Gamma Delta – known as “Fiji” – house, warning members against drugs, drinking and driving, smoking, and wearing headphones.

The letter also reminded fraternity members to “respect the house,” “respect the ladies,” and “Know Longhorns Football.”

But the letter also prohibits “fagetry,” “interracial dating,” and “Mexicans.”

The fraternity president apologized last month after members and guests wore stereotypical Mexican costumes to the “western-themed” annual Fiji Marshals party.

More than 1,000 Texas students asked the university president to punish the chapter for the party, but the investigation remains underway.

"While the behavior doesn’t mirror UT core values, it’s within students’ right to freedom of speech at private off campus event," the university said on its official Twitter account.

The letter was copied and posted around campus after its existence was revealed, including additional unexplained prohibitions against working out, Facebook, “inside bathrooms at the House,” and “awkward convos.”

Members were also warned against “crying to Mom,” “being a pussy (quiting),” and being “deuschbags.”

The letter forbids many garments, grooming, and clothing styles associated with fraternity members, including backwards hats, gelled hair, facial hair, Fiji or beer shirts, and designer clothes such as Abercrombie, Old Navy, and J. Crew.

Correction: The Daily Texan reported that the image was posted in 2007 and has not been authenticated.

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