Andrea Tantaros has an epiphany: Hillary Clinton ate lunch at Chipotle for 'Hispanic outreach'
Fox News host Andrea Tantaros (screen grab)

Fox News host Andrea Tantaros suggested on Tuesday that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had dined at a Chipotle restaurant as a part of her campaign's "Hispanic outreach" efforts.

The New York Times reported on Monday that Clinton had gone unnoticed when she stopped in a Toledo-area Chipotle for lunch with her campaign chairwoman Huma Abedin.

Clinton's dining experience was the first topic of conversation on Fox News' Outnumbered on Tuesday.

"In keeping the every-woman image, she stopped at a Chipotle for a burrito bowl at Chipotle outside Toledo," Tantaros reported, joking that Clinton's meal was "the incognito burrito."

"Someone said on Twitter that she and Huma looked hungover with the big glasses and the shades on," she noted. "Was this the best way to connect with a chicken burrito bowl?"

"She's so real," Fox News host Kennedy Montgomery said sarcastically. "She's like, 'Listen, I want some food of the people, but I don't want it to be icky. I don't want it to be too... ethnic. Is there some middle ground we can find?' Go to Chipotle. Got to eat off this hangover."

"Was it maybe it Hispanic outreach?" Tantaros volunteered in a sudden moment of insight. "She heard [Sen. Marco Rubio] was announcing so she thought, 'Let's go to a Chipotle and have some Pico de Gallo!'"

Watch the video below from Fox News via Media Mattters.