David Letterman: GOP must decide which candidate 'can lead Republicans to another crushing defeat'
David Letterman (YouTube/CBS)

Late night host David Lettermen panned the current slate of Republican presidential candidates on Tuesday as a contest between who could lead their party to "another crushing defeat."

The Late Show opened with a clip of NBC's Chuck Todd interviewing Sen. Rand Paul while a bird nested in the GOP candidate's curly hair.

"That's what you get for doing the show outside," Letterman quipped. "Marco Rubio, Rand Paul, Ted Cruz, they're all running for president. And now, the Republicans will have to decide which one of these men can lead the Republicans to another crushing defeat."

In a segment called "Get to Know Marco Rubio," the narrator incorrectly explained that the Florida senator was born in Venice, Italy. "And today, many know Rubio as the name of a hide-and-seek game commonly played in the swimming pool."

The CBS host also pointed out that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was seeking the Democratic nomination for president.

"This time around she promises to be warm and approachable," Letterman noted. "Like me."

"Hillary Clinton is traveling the country in a van, from New York all the way to Iowa," he continued. "And she's not driving the van. No, she's sitting in the back telling Bill what to do. It's like when he was president."

Letterman, who announced his retirement in April 2014, is set to air his final show on May 20. He is the longest-running late night talk show host in TV history.

Watch the video below from CBS' Late Night with David Letterman, broadcast April 15, 2015.