'American SHE DEVIL': Twitter conservatives rage after Michelle Obama talks about racism
Michelle Obama (Everett Collection / Shutterstock)

Michelle Obama spoke over the weekend to a group of black college graduates about her experience as the first black First Lady – and Twitter conservatives predictably howled in rage.

Many commenters compared her commencement address at Tuskegee College to one also given Saturday by actor Denzel Washington at the historically black Dillard University -- which conservatives praised for its focus on God, hard work, and gratitude.

Conservatives were furious that Obama shared personal anecdotes about the racist double standard she had encountered as the wife of the nation's first black president, with many suggesting that she was the real racist for mentioning the topic.

Many commenters expressed resentment that the president and his family took many trips during their time in the White House.

Some tweets used weird analogies, bizarre logic, or profane name-calling to make their points.

Others offered to send the First Lady to places perceived to be black or made violent threats against her.

Watch the speech posted online by Se Smith: