Fans express concern and support for Duggar daughters on Twitter: 'Run away and be free!'
Jessa, Jinger, Jana and Jill Duggar- (Duggar family Facebook)

Fans of the the Duggar family reality show, 19 Kids and Counting, have taken to Twitter to express support for the Duggar daughters, four of whom were reportedly molested by eldest brother Josh Duggar when they were little girls.

While much attention has been paid to Josh Duggar --who has admitted to sexual improprieties with the girls as well as another young woman who is not a member of the family when he was in his teens-- little has been said about the Duggar girls who were victimized.

In their statement to the media, parents Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar -- who hushed up the scandal -- mentioned "God" six times without mentioning their daughters once.

Fans of the show, and of the daughters in particular, expressed more support for the girls on Twitter, with one advising eldest daughter Jana to "Run away and be free!"

Many noted that some of the daughters seemed to have a darker side on the normally bright and peppy show, and wondered if it was a manifestation of being molested when they were little.

Particular attention is being paid to 25-year-old Jana Duggar, known as "Cinderella Duggar," because she is unmarried, still lives at home, and is treated like a maid, taking care of the younger Duggars.

A sampling below:

Katie Walsh (@heyyybrother) seemed to have the right idea: