Fox News host dumbfounded when anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller compares herself to Rosa Parks
Pamela Geller during an interview on May 5, 2015. (Fox News)

Anti-Muslim activist Pamela Geller compared herself to civil rights hero Rosa Parks in a combative Fox News appearance.

Two gunmen were killed by police Sunday after opening fire at an anti-Islamic art show organized by Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative, and the controversial blogger has made numerous media appearances to proclaim herself an embattled champion of free speech.

Geller appeared Tuesday morning on Fox News, where she slapped back at Donald Trump for his criticism that she had prompted the shootings – which wounded a private security guard – by taunting Muslims with offensive artwork, reported Mediaite.

“What would he have said about Rosa Parks?” Geller said. “Rosa Parks should never have gone to the front of the bus -- she’s taunting people.”

Host Martha MacCallum was dumbfounded, shaking her head and rejecting the comparison.

“How do you make the Rosa Parks comparison?” MacCallum said. “They’re saying if you want to make a difference, you do it in a Christian way. You don’t do it in a crass way by insulting someone’s religion.”

Geller claimed a right to insult Muslims even if doing so placed others’ lives in danger.

“I will not bridge my freedom so as not to offend savages,” she said.

Geller said her media critics had bowed to Sharia law if they refused to publish or air cartoons submitted to the contest sponsored by her organization.

“We have to have more of these conferences because the media self-enforces the sharia,” Geller said. “You gave them the power. If all the media had run the cartoons, what were they going to do? They couldn’t kill everybody. The media offend me without hesitation.”

Watch the entire segment posted online by Fox News: