Jon Stewart hammers Megyn Kelly for ignoring billionaires buying GOP candidates 'like Bitcoins'
Jon Stewart mocks Fox News host Megyn Kelly on May 7, 2015. [Crooks and Liars]

Daily Show host Jon Stewart skewered Fox News and Megyn Kelly for piling on speculation about Hillary Clinton's charitable foundation while defending the exhorbitant spending on Republican presidential campaigns.

Stewart showed footage of Fox contributors defending the influence of billionaires like the Koch brothers and Sheldon Adelson, while Kelly criticized an attempt by Democrats to limit campaign spending by accusing them of trying to "limit the First Amendment" and skeptically saying they were trying to "stop the 'corruption.'"

"No, I think they're looking to stop the corruption, not the 'corruption,'" Stewart said, making "air quotes" with his hands.

At the same time, Stewart noted, Kelly and other Fox pundits insisted on wondering "to whom [Clinton] owes favors because of the Clinton Foundation." The conservative network began speculating about the foundation's activities following the release of a new book by Republican activist Peter Schweizer that, according to Media Matters, contains more than 20 "errors, fabrications and distortions."

"I guess the rule here is, money is free speech, unless that money speaks with a funny accent," Stewart said.

By that logic, Stewart said, Kelly and her colleagues should have pored over New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie's push last year against a ban on "gestation crates" for breeding pigs.

While there is no proof of an ulterior motive on Christie's part, Stewart said, Christie took his aggressive stance on the issue -- which barely affects his own state -- as he cozied up to Bruce Rastetter, one of the country's top hog-breeders.

"It's at times like this, as we begin what's projected to be a $10 billion campaign season, with billionaires buying up candidates like Bitcoins, that I'm thankful that we have the Federal Elections Commission -- or FEC," Stewart said, before pointing out that the agency has all but given up hope on being able to sanction campaign financing violations this election season.

"What the FEC?" Stewart asked in frustration.

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online Thursday, below.

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