Here are the 7 scariest programs on the Sportsman Channel now that they’ve dumped the NRA
Amazing America with Sarah Palin - The Sportsman Channel

With little fanfare, cable TV's The Sportsman Channel dropped the NRA's weekly news show, making the announcement at the end of the final episode broadcast on June 26.

As reported by Media Matters, host Cam Edwards of the NRA's Cam & Company announced, "Beginning next Monday, you will be seeing a different program here at 5 p.m. Eastern on Sportsman Channel. We do want to thank all the folks at Sportsman Channel for our time here on the program. I wish I -- there's no drama, there's no dramatic back-story to this. It's just one of those decisions that has happened."

The show -- on the air for the past two and a half years -- had been heralded by NRA CEO Wayne LaPierre as coming "at a critical time in the history of preserving our Second Amendment freedom."

In a vaguely worded statement, the channel said they enjoyed working with the show, but "Unfortunately, we are not able to continue with the program."

In the time-slot previously held by the NRA, the channel is now offering 'Trigger Time," with a future episode entitled "Third Grade Math" covering "what to do in a mass casualty situation" among other topics.

The Sportsman Channel also will be continuing on with an assortment of other programing that might tickle the fancy of the gun-owning public, including:

  • "Trained Assassins" --  "Driven by immense adoration for the outdoors and unwavering devotion, we are a group of country boys proud to call ourselves ‘Trained Assassins’. Our goal is to share our unforgettable adventures, gained knowledge and extraordinary experiences. Each one of us is a tough-spirited individual, possessing an indomitable passion for the thrill of the hunt. An aspect we are greatly proud of is our passion for bow hunting. Each team member is an avid bow hunter and brings something unique in order to bring you Trained Assassins.Tv."
  • "Bullets and Broadheads" -- described as "a true grit, real story, Texas country hunting-outdoor show. For generations, the Hendrick family grew up harvesting trophy wildlife from the far stretches of Texas underbrush," with the hosts tracking down their "their next monster whitetail" deer.
  • 'Dead Dog Walkin'" -- A "Heart pounding, hair raising, up close and personal predator hunting across the US with hunting guru Chad Belding and team Dead Dog Walkin’."
  • "Winchester Daily Passion" -- Despite its harlequin romance-esque title, Winchester features host Melissa Bachman traveling "the globe going head to head with everything from world-class red stag and thousand pound gators to Boone and Crocket whitetails and thunderous bull elk."
  • "Savage Outdoors" -- "The Savage Outdoors series will detail the full experience of the hunt from start to finish. This is no regular hunting show; you will experience everything the hosts and guests go through as they pursue big game. From deciding where to go, choosing the outfitters, traveling, scouting, and the hunting experience, you will see it all watching The Savage Outdoors."
  • "Reaper Outdoors: Survive the Hunt" -- Although it sounds like gun safety show, Reaper features The Reaper Team "using military methods and stalk game using tactical equipment and techniques, efficiently eliminating their target," including white tail deer and the fearsome Eastern Wild Turkey.
  • "Amazing America with Sarah Palin" -- An outdoor-themed reality television series featuring an Alaskan family shooting, kayaking, off-roading, fishing, loving, and brawling across this great country of ours.

Additional shows include the intriguingly named, "Big Boys TV," "Skull Bound TV," "Sheep Shape," and "Matthews Dominant Bucks."