Jon Stewart: Every time politics bums me out, I just give myself a little slice of Donald Trump
'Daily Show' host Jon Stewart on June 17, 2015. [YouTube]

Jon Stewart tried to get back to business on Wednesday's Daily Show, only to find he couldn't discuss the maneuvering surrounding a proposed multi-national trade deal without some artificial stimulation -- specifically, the "emergency presidential campaign Trumpinator 2016."

"Anytime I feel like the world's getting me down or boring me, and there's nothing to look forward to, I just give myself a little slice of his kickoff speech," Stewart explained, before hitting the buzzer and hearing an excerpt from Donald Trump's presidential campaign kick-off speech.

Otherwise, Stewart was unable to deal with much of the minutia concerning the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the 40-nation trade agreement that President Barack Obama has backed hard this year.

The White House has also lobbied hard for the ability to use a "fast-track" approval process as part of the agreement. Stewart noted that the debate surrounding the bill had gone against expectations, with the GOP -- which normally seeks to discredit Obama at every turn -- backing the administration, while stalwart Democrats like Sen. Harry Reid were openly defying the president.

"Who knew all you had to do to fire up Harry Reid -- the human equivalent of dry toast -- was mention trade agreements?" Stewart asked. "If I had known that, I'd have mentioned that earlier and kept myself from falling asleep every time I interviewed him."

At the same time, the host also launched into what he thought was an innocent defense for job creation around the area that covered under the agreement.

"Some people say they're not interested in the Pacific Rim jobs," Stewart said. "Well I say, until you've had a Pacific Rim job, until you have gotten in there and done a Pacific Rim job -- or gotten the satisfaction of giving someone a Pacific Rim job -- it is easy to dismiss a Pacific Rim job. But I stand here tonight announcing loudly to anybody who can hear me: I am an advocate for the Pacific Rim job."

Watch Stewart's commentary, as posted online on Wednesday, below.