Michigan candidate strongly disagrees that black lives matter: 'When there is any doubt -- shoot!'
Joe Judnick (Facebook)

A suburban Detroit City Council candidate came right out and said what many racists believe – that police should shoot black people first and ask questions later.

Joe Judnick, who some political observers believe is linked to racist Sterling Heights mayoral candidate Paul Smith, commented on recent cases of police brutality in the news on his personal Facebook page, reported The Detroit News.

“Without a doubt it is blacks wanting to kill cops,” Judnick posted late Tuesday. “My advise (sic) to all police. When there is any doubt ... shoot!”

The candidate, the owner of a butchering and taxidermy business, did not respond to media requests for comment – but he replied to a post about his remarks shared by the Facebook group “Paul Smith and His Cronies.”

“Nice try,” Judnick said. “Hide behind your computer and paint me with your racist brush. You need to go back to school and learn to read. I said ‘to all police’ Shoot who???? When an officer kills someone in self-defense i don't think skin color matters to him. Would it to you?”

The moderator of the Facebook group asked Judnick to specify what he meant by “if any doubt.”

“We don't have this problem in sterling heights,” the candidate said. “We don't have mobs of teenagers surronding (sic) our police. We don't have gangs here. We have police(2) that we know of driving while very,very drunk. I guess my definition of ‘if any doubt’ would be officer (Darren) wilson. remember him?”

A Republican precinct delegate from Sterling Heights said the candidate’s comments were highly inappropriate.

“Mr. Judnick’s comment is ridiculous and unsuitable coming from a candidate for city council,” said the GOP delegate, Joseph Munem.

Local politicos say Judnick is running on a slate with Smith -- who was photographed at a 2009 Tea Party rally carrying a sign that depicted President Barack Obama with a spear through his skull -- to seize control of the seven-member City Council.

Sterling Heights is a city of about 131,000 people -- 85 percent white, nearly 7 percent Asian, about 5 percent black – located just north of Detroit.

The group of candidates earlier this year successfully pressured the current City Council to rescind a non-discrimination ordinance that would have included LGTB people.

Smith attracted the attention of the Secret Service in December over his protest signs depicting a slain Obama, and he posted a message on Twitter that called for the president to be tried and executed for treason.

He also made threatening remarks during a debate over a mosque proposed near the site of the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks in New York City.

“Let ‘em fill it up with 400,000 rag head Muslims,” Smith said in a 2010 email he distributed. “Then we can crash a radio control 747 into it and roast the bastards.”

Watch video of Smith speaking about one of his anti-Obama protest signs posted online by signalflowz:

Joe Judnick comments Facebook