Nebraska Republican posts picture of beheaded woman on Facebook to rally support for death penalty
Nebraska State Senator Bill Kinter (Facebook)

A Nebraska state senator who posted a picture of a beheaded woman on his Facebook page in attempt to rally support for the return of the death penalty deleted the post after public outcry, reports WOWT.

Senator Bill Kintner (R)  took down the offensive post after his comment section grew out of control from constituents who thought it was insensitive of the lawmaker to use the offensive picture in order to make the point that he wants to bring the death penalty back

The Nebraska legislature recently banned the death penalty in the state, with enough votes to override the governor's veto.

Kintner, a death penalty supporter, re-posted the photo after discovering it on his timeline, explaining, "I saw it and I said, 'Well, that makes the point.'"

According to Kintner he had no idea where the picture was taken or who beheaded the woman.

"But if it happened in our state, we couldn't do anything," he explained. "We'd just put him in jail for 50 years and feed him nice meals. That doesn't sound right to most Nebraskans."

Faced with a public outcry, he pulled the picture Wednesday night, writing, "The amount of comments this FB page has gotten in the last week are off the charts and my staff and I do not have the time to police the comments. The longer a thread gets the harder it is to police. I know I am partly to blame by by posting content that pokes folks on the other side of the issues mentioned."

Stinton added that his Facebook page is his  "primary method for communicating with the people of Nebraska" and with his district.

The lawmaker is behind a petition drive to put the death penalty on the ballot and let the public vote on it.