Pastors call for stonings and warn of God's wrathful judgment after marriage equality ruling
Pastor Steven Anderson (YouTube)

Anti-LGBT pastors warned that God would seek vengeance in their first sermons after a U.S. Supreme Court ruling effectively legalized same-sex marriage in all 50 states.

Roy Moore, chief justice of the Alabama Supreme Court, echoed the conservative dissents to argue that the Obergefell v. Hodges ruling was invalid.

"Just who do they think they are when one person can reverse 200-and-something years of precedent in our country and thousands of years of precedent in western civilization," Moore said during a sermon Sunday at Kimberly Church of God.

The chief justice declared sodomy was against God’s natural law – and he warned Christians that the ruling could allow them to be punished for making similar claims.

"Welcome to the new world -- it's just changed for you Christians,” Moore said. “You are going to be persecuted according to the U.S Supreme Court dissents.”

Pastor Steven Anderson, of Faithful Word Baptist Church, called for stoning to death ministers who performed same-sex marriage ceremonies and repeated his call for the execution of all LGBT people.

“I hate them with a perfect hatred,” Anderson shouted. “I count them mine enemies.”

Anderson said the Bible consistently called Christians to “have the guts to stand up to our culture that is now accepts homos.”

“Where’s the call to repentance?” Anderson said. “Where’s the hope, where’s the love and the grace? It isn’t there.”

Another pastor, William Tapley – the self-described Third Eagle of the Apocalypse – said the ruling that “legalizing the crime of sodomy” would hasten the end of the world, in accordance with the prophesy.

“The Soviet Union, today’s Russia, opposes gay marriage,” Tapley said. “God is going to make it clear that he is destroying a country that legalized gay marriage by a country that opposes gay marriage. This is very significant.”

He praised the Russian president for comparing LGBT to child molesters.

“Vladimir Putin’s destruction of the United States as the last king of the north is found in Bible prophesy – it fulfills the words of Jesus,” Tapley said. “The Supreme Court decision may make a few people happy, but it will bring the wrath of almighty God on the rest of us.”

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