Watch: Hawaii high school seniors wow world with epic, jaw-dropping graduation performance
Kahuku High School graduation performance (YouTube)

Graduating seniors of Kahuku High School's class of 2015 surprised family and friends with an impressive music and dance performance they learned in only two days. The event, captured by MoStreetProductions,  has been seen by more than 2.5 million YouTube viewers at this writing.

Kahuku High School is located on Oahu's North Shore and serves a very diverse community. The end of the seniors' performance includes their own haka, "Kaipahua Kura" -- which has its origins in New Zealand's Maori culture.

The performance stands in sharp contrast to recent reports of students and family members being punished by law enforcement officials and school administrators for merely clapping, cheering or wearing the wrong shoes at graduation ceremonies.

I don't have children. So, I'm not sure when high school graduation ceremonies became pearl-clutching, Draconian funeral processions -- or why -- but this video is the perfect antidote: