Indiana sex offenders use GOP's 'religious freedom' law in fight to attend church on school property
Man praying holding the Bible [Shutterstock]

Two sex offenders in Indiana are trying take advantage of a so-called religious freedom law to force the state to allow them to attend churches even if they are on school property.

The Associated Press reported, that American Civil Liberties Union filed suit this week on behalf of two sex offenders who had been denied the right to attended Fort Wayne church and Elkhart church because the churches were located on school property.

Current rules say that "serious sex offenders" are not allowed to set foot on school property even if the school is not in session.

The lawsuit claims that the state is violating the Religious Freedom Restoration Act, which caused controversy earlier this year because critics said that it could allow businesses to discriminate against LGBT people.

Gov. Mike Pence (R) was eventually forced to sign an amended law making clear businesses could not discriminate on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. But religious institution were exempted from language in the amended law.

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act officially took effect on Wednesday. The sheriffs of Allen and Elkhart counties were named as defendants in the lawsuit.