Marco Rubio vows he'll take away women's right to choose 'at home and around the world'
Marco Rubio speaks to CBN (screen grab)

At a speech before the National Right to Life Committee's annual convention in New Orleans Friday morning, 2016 Republican presidential hopeful Sen. Marco Rubio (FL) compared the fight to limit women's access to abortion to the fights to end slavery and for women to win the right to vote.

Right Wing Watch reported that Rubio called the historic Roe v. Wade decision "historically and egregiously flawed" and said that he would fight to restrict women's right to choose "at home and around the world."

“Sometimes in contemporary American life, we come to believe that all the great causes are over, that the past generation fought all the important battles: abolition, the Civil Rights Movement, women’s suffrage," he said to the assembled crowd.

"But it’s not true," he said. "In fact, one of the most important battles is the one that you are engaged in now.”

Watch the video, embedded below: