CNN's Don Lemon scolds his own network's obsession with Virginia shooter's gay adult-themed websites
CNN host Don Lemon (Media Matters)

CNN can't stop talking about the online porn sites registered by a former TV reporter who gunned down two former colleagues on live television.

The cable network reported Thursday that Vester Flanagan II, who killed a reporter and photographer and wounded a woman giving an interview, had registered domain names in 2007 and 2008 for pornographic websites aimed at gay men, reported Media Matters.

The domains were registered at least four years before the 41-year-old Flanagan, who was openly gay, began working at WDBJ-TV, where he met the victims, and CNN did not explain why the website names were relevant to the shooting.

"It's just another disturbing twist," said CNN correspondent Drew Griffin during "The Lead with Jake Tapper."

CNN continued reporting on the domain names throughout the day, and Wolf Blitzer promoted a report on the websites with the headline, "History of Instability."

"We just heard from the guy that fired him, the news director in Tallahassee (about) 15 years ago, that there was some, I guess, anti-gay discrimination that he felt there when some of his colleagues found out he was gay, they were making fun of him, some of the outfits that he was wearing, and that years afterwards, he was actually involved in launching these gay porn websites," Blitzer reported.

CNN's Don Lemon asked Blitzer why he was reporting on the sites, which he said were legally operated, and he described the reports as "salacious."

"I don't really see the relevance of it," said Lemon, who is also gay.

"I don't want to gay-shame him," Lemon added. "There's nothing wrong with being gay."