On Sunday, billionaire real estate mogul and Republican 2016 frontrunner Donald Trump told a little boy that he is Batman, DC Comics' perennial crime-fighter whose secret identity is that of reclusive billionaire Bruce Wayne.

According to CNN, Trump made the claim before a helicopter ride over the Iowa State Fair.

After landing his helicopter at the edge of the fairgrounds, Trump said, "We have quite a few children gonna take rides today. Where are the children? Get them over here."

He then gathered a group of around 50 children around himself as he took questions from reporters.

"Nobody else will do the job that I will do," he said. "I will bring back jobs, I will strengthen our military, I'll take care of our vets, I'll get rid of Obamacare, which is, by the way, a catastrophe."

During one ride in the helicopter, a 9-year-old boy named William asked Trump, "Are you Batman?"

"I am Batman," Trump replied.

It didn't take long for Twitter users to do what Twitter users do best. The hashtag #BatTrump began trending by Sunday evening.